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West Park, Almost Ready!

Took a little stroll around the new West Park yesterday, and I want to share my 8 minute Periscope with ya. The park is not open, its opening delayed by something in the order of 2 years, with no less than two scheduled ribbon-cutting events having been cancelled in that time. Go watch:

I mention at the end of the 8 minute rambling that I would pick video back up but I did not, prefering to take some stills as Watson and I finished out our morning walk. But I am soooo excited for the opening of this rich community resource for residents and visitors to The Nations and surrounding communities. I wrote about this project at its outset in the fine community publication 372WN a good while ago. Congrats to Eric Henn, muralist, for gettin 'er done!

Stills from the rest of the walk:

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Early June Ramblings

A lot o' things. A lot o' things going on.

Hi, all, I just finished posting at my Falcons Tech blog and since I'm in the groove I wanted to update here. It'll likely be a bit of a chaotic post, since my life is sort of there at the moment.

Mostly, having put the school year behind me, I'm looking ahead to 2018-19 as we move into a portable during construction and then into a brand new computer lab. I'm working on ways to fund new equipment in the new lab. Stay tuned on that...

Looking immediately ahead, I'm knee-deep in the planning for ISTE2018 in Chicago. I'll be flying up the 22nd to get the lay of the land and attend pre-conference activities, particularly Hack Education 2018 on Saturday, an "unconference" that is always a deep learning dive.

On Monday morning, June 25, the Virtual Environments Network presents its 2018 Virtual Environments Playground. VEN was one of the first ever "Focus Groups" to present a day long, themed eve…

How to Build The Ultimate Smartphone Projector--so freakin' cool

Call now!

Can we not salvage one important thing in this horrible excuse for an administration?

Copied and pasted. Thank you, my favorite organization in the whole educational world: This makes using your voice easy!

Urge your Senators to restore net neutrality protections The Senate is poised to vote very soon on a Congressional Review Act (CRA) Resolution that would restore net neutrality protections  the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to eliminate earlier this year. Without net neutrality, telecommunications providers are free to establish fast lanes for particular online products, throttle delivery of others, and potentially raise prices and decrease services for students and educators nationwide. Right after the FCC voted to eliminate net neutrality, Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) introduced a CRA that would repeal the FCC’s order and reinstate net neutrality.
Reports indicate that we are only one vote away from the CRA Resolution receiving Senate approval. To date, all Senate democrats…

Poems. I wrote some poems. I call this little collection "Forth and Back"

One Actor Indefatigable spirits flag not In the face of Obstacle, stale air, Standardization, Or achievement, But nourish caring hearts Through handcuffed and assassination-rife times. Racism has many costumes But only one actor, The infant, fearful soul. Go Peace, she whispers, And lets go her soul. Takes forever leave of it. And it From her. Intention At some urgent last moment I will know that it is. If I do not manage a smile You must remember that Was my most intended intention.
Stop You say to stop Right where I am. How could I stop Where I’m not? Pi Ease along now Even as you will Yourself to stay put. Just how many Realities can we be? Perhaps Pi.

What Open any door and stand In what you have made, An opening framed by…what? Watch what the door kept hidden,

University of Western Australia Machinima Awards 2018

Hey, y'all,

I logged into SL this morning to an announcement of an upcoming event and I went there.

You may or may not know that the ISTE Virtual Environments Network meets most every 3rd Tuesday of most every month to view and share machinima. What is that? It's film made from video in online games or virtual worlds. This hour was the culmination of a year of competition and the organizers were clearly dedicated to the art of machinima.

I had to go. Now I have my work cut out for me (in spare time, certainly not in my work day as middle school Technology Teacher). I want to view as many of the winners as I can. I've browsed around a bit, and what I've glimpsed is nothing short of stellar. I have a link for ya.

The videos were originally archived for viewing at the site linked below, but it appears to have been taken down. I'm not sure why, but I can speculate: Second Life has been known to be a bit picky about websites using the moniker "SL" for any part…