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Friday, February 24, 2006

Colin's Talent Day--Colin and Matthew Rock!

I had to do it, proud parent that I am. Colin and his buddy Matthew have been rehearsing off and on for a couple months to perform their original song at their 4th grade talent day. They did it! I took some video with my still cam and did a quick edit with Microsoft Movie Maker. Here 'tis!!!

Colin's definitely learning his guitar the way I did. Listening, noodling, and figuring out things for himself. IMHO it's good training for much that will await him! And that Matt fellow plays drums just like 'a ringin' a bell! Fun stuff! Watch the video and note how Ms. Princehorn carefully clears the audio danger zone in preparation for the boys' performance. I love the ovation when the chorus comes back around for the first time!


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