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NECC 2006 -- Scott Merrick in San Diego, or "How I Spent My Summer"

Just returned from the National Educational Computing Conference in San Diego, California where I presented three times and caught some amazing presentations by other folks. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the many blogger-reporters for the eSchoolNews website, and I'm posting here direct links to the four sessions upon which I reported:

Assessment and Beyond: Student-Driven Electronic Portfolios

Choose Your Own Wiki Adventure: Using Wikis with K-12 Students

From Gutenberg to Gates to Google and Beyond

Telling the New Story: Promoting Visions for 21st Century Classrooms

and there is a wonderful blog post about my "Birds-of-a-Feather" session, by (full disclosure alert) my pal Janine Lim at her blog, which is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in videoconferencing in the service of education. Read that post here.

There's a lot more about my sessions at my desktop IVC blog here.

Finally, I had a marvelous, relaxing, rejuvenating vacation visit of two days wi…

L.A. Visit with Jimmy

Just to post a couple interesting pics gleaned from my visit with my true brother, James Morrison. The first I think is from 1984, the second from last week (taken by the very able photographer, Seamus). I was able to tag a couple days with James and his beautiful and gracious wife Riad onto a very productive trip to San Diego for NECC, the National Educational Computing Conference. The jaunt up to LA, via a lovely train ride, was mostly to spend some time with my godson, Seamus Morrison. Though I'm not all that godly, I do get more so when I am able to be around my twin brother-from-separate-mothers. Case in point: We purchased, unbeknownst to one another, the exact same glasses frames. How weird is that, with him in California and me in Tennessee?

Anyway, here are the pics: