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Showing posts from November, 2006

Thanksgiving Treats!

We have so much to be thankful for. Our day out at Blue Moon Farm B&B was wonderful, culminating in a bonfire replete with roasted marshmallows. Here's a slideshow:

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And, and, and!!! My friend Scott Slone, host of the Alaska Podshow podcast, did a special show on Thanksgiving evening because he was inspired to do so by one of my own songs. Listen to it here!

Atlanta NAEYC!

After driving down from school after my last class Thursday (don't know I'll ever make that decision again--it was hard, even with a good book listen, Stephen King's Cell ) I'm finally getting into the swing at the National Association for the Education of Young Children in Atlanta, participating in a session by George Forman, Community Nursery School, Lexington, MA. It's an interesting session in the Tech Resource Room where I'll be doing my presentation a little later today. George is advocating a text-based presentation for video clips (over the creation of linear video) using a combination of Microsoft Word and Quicktime Pro to create text documents with hyperlinks that open brief clips of video. This has prompted me to pop over to the Apple site to upgrade my Quicktime Basic to Quicktime Pro, something I've been putting off ever since an iTunes upgrade last year rendered my already-paid-for previous upgrade useless. If that happens again, S…

Newness for!

After spending a weekend at a professional conference, I decided to update my lame old website, and the best way I can do that on the fly is to morph it into a blog. I do most of my work here anyway, now don't I?

Content from the old site will gradually appear in the navigation sidebar. Like my life, it'll be a work in progress!