Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas Toonz

As a proud dad I must share with you a quick PDA-recording of my lovely daughter Miranda singing the National Anthem at USN's Homecoming 2006 basketball games. Our girls' and our boys' teams both won, of course, largely inspired by the pre-game singing! Here's the music file.

Later in the week, my lovely daughter donned choir vestments and a sparkly golden halo and joined the musicians in the organ balcony to sing "O Holy Night" to an assembled group of parents and children about to participate in the annual Christmas Pageant at Christ Church Cathedral here in Nashville. There will certainly be a photo album of the event and when it's up I'll edit here to add a link to it. Listen to the opening offering, straight from my heart's heart, then, hear the single verse closer, both beautifully filtering through myriad children's noises and crowd static.

Oh, and (on an immeasurably less beautiful note) here's my annual gift to anyone who can find it here :), my "Elf Who's King of Country," originally recorded at Sun/Plantation records back in the mid-eighties, released as a 45 rpm single, and now here for your holiday chuckle.

I'm hoping to release a 2 song CD next holiday season, featuring "Elf" and "Moose Nuggets for Christmas." Here's a beta version mock-up for the cover, Ho Ho HO...

Picture snapped by my 4th grade student Gracie!

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