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NECC 2007 Presentation! Come to Atlanta!

Hey, just updating about my NECC2007 presentation acceptance! NECC is the International Society for Technology in Education's annual get-together of over 10,000 teachers, techies, and school administrators and it's always rewarding to go. This year I'll be all over the place, so Skype me "scottmerrick" if you need me but if you really want to see me workin' a room I'll be in a room "tba Mid-May" on Tuesday, 6/26/2007, from 3:30pm– 4:30pm presenting a workshop session called Podcasting with Windows: Tools, Tricks, and sTrategies for Success!

Clever title, eh? The brief marketing blurb ISTE asked for is: Just because we don't have that nifty GarageBand drag and drop stuff doesn't mean we can't podcast! Seasoned podcaster to teachers: You can start today!
And here's the session detail:
Participants will leave with the ability to seek and obtain various freeware or commercial products that work best for them--for their budgets, their s…