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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

NECC 2007 Presentation! Come to Atlanta!

Hey, just updating about my NECC2007 presentation acceptance! NECC is the International Society for Technology in Education's annual get-together of over 10,000 teachers, techies, and school administrators and it's always rewarding to go. This year I'll be all over the place, so Skype me "scottmerrick" if you need me but if you really want to see me workin' a room I'll be in a room "tba Mid-May" on Tuesday, 6/26/2007, from 3:30pm– 4:30pm presenting a workshop session called Podcasting with Windows: Tools, Tricks, and sTrategies for Success!

Clever title, eh? The brief marketing blurb ISTE asked for is: Just because we don't have that nifty GarageBand drag and drop stuff doesn't mean we can't podcast! Seasoned podcaster to teachers: You can start today!

And here's the session detail:

Participants will leave with the ability to seek and obtain various freeware or commercial products that work best for them--for their budgets, their software preferences, and their schedules. They will better understand just what podcasting is and how it has developed into a tool many educatonal institutions and school districts are utilizing in ways that could not have been imagined only a couple of years ago. Participants will leave with their curiousity piqued: How can I use this valuable technology to the benefit of my students? my teachers? my parent-base?

Participants with laptops will no doubt begin to access the tools before the session is complete.

A broad survey of tools both commercially available and freely downloadable will be provided, along with URLs and links to reviews and tutorials. These will include podcast aggregators like iPodder Lemon, iTunes, Juice, and many others, plus resources to sites that catalog and review these. Several microphone options will be shared, as well as hardware options for remote (off-computer) recording, such as a Pocket PC, an iPod with Griffin iTalk, and a digital voice recorder; and recording and compression software solutions will be demonstrated, including Audacity and Adobe Audition. The process of mixing a multi-track podcast using one of these tools will be demonstrated (these skills translate well from one piece of software to another).

Details of just how the Windows podcaster can upload a file to a school web server will be touched upon and demonstrated, using ftp protocol, and the process of creating a feed will be demonstrated using the free service at in conjunction with the free blogging service at These processes are the final step in making one’s podcast public and as such are very necessary. A discussion of several “automatic” services that offer to simplify the process will be offered, along with their pertinent URLs.

An educational podcast does not need to be just a spoken message or lecture. One approach to keeping one’s podcast interesting to a broad range of listeners is to include independent music as one of its features. A great deal of good independent music is available to all podcasters, free for use without royalty payments; and those resources will be shared and demonstrated, including the Podsafe Music Network at and the commercial site (“we are not evil”).

Participants will also leave with target list of useful educational podcasts they can explore on their own to see just how innovative educators all over the world have begun to take the discussion of educational best practices, technology, and reform more public than at any other time in our history.

Examples from my own podcast, currently 46 shows [Make that 52 as of this post!]and going strong, Snacks4theBrain! will be shared as evidence of the successful application of these tools and strategies.

Come see me in Atlanta! Cheers!

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Move Movie

Well, it's really just a slideshow, but here it is (use Internet Explorer or open with your IE plugin)...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Itttttttt's Mooooooving Weeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

TMI, ya'll (TooMuchInformation), but I'm soooo moving my family out of a house where we've lived for 13 years to a new house half the size. Me, I'm outtttttta pocket...


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