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DisneyWorld SpringBreak!

The BubbleShare slideshow at the foot of this posting will grow :). After two days driving the 12 hours to get here, we muscled our stuff into our lovely All Star Resorts domicile for the week and pushed on out into the Disney MGM Studios park to take on the infamous Tower of Terror. Colin: "That was totally awesome but I NEVER want to do it again!"


We had a lovely meal at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre and made it back "home" to the hotel via a wild bus ride with an insane driver who led out-of-key singalongs of Disney songs. Just how many keys can "It's a Small World" bear all at once!?

Day 2, Monday, Colin and I took off for Epcot and enjoyed Mission Space together, wandered around Epcot in the Innoventions center, then decided that Test Trak looked a bit too much for our courage level, jumping on a bus over to Animal Kingdom where we ate lunch at the Restaurantosaurus (a glorified and very bizzy McDonalds, albeit with better burgers) and Mira…