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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Workshop's Done, but We're Not

Wow, what a gratifying week, working with 12 (10 at the end, due to injuries and illness--you didn't think Web 2.0 was so dangerous, did you?) talented, dedicated colleagues to puzzle and explore, query and tease out meaning, discuss, absorb, and generally mine the gold from at least a portion of what the new online collaborative tools have to offer educators and students.

If there's one terminology that could supplant the now hackneyed "Web 2.0," maybe it's that, Online Collaborative Tools. There you go: "OCT for Us." You heard it here first.


But meanwhile get thee on over to the wiki (see the blog if you'd like--it's really cool to watch the clustrmap to see the dot or two that gets added on the world map every day) to see (especially) the Individual Report-Outs, the Links and Files, and the News, to which I added just today.

Perhaps your fellow teachers could benefit from a week (or a day, or two, or three) of this kind of learner-driven, self-paced, exploration of the new OCT. If so, I have two alternatives to offer you: 1) visit the wiki and spend some time exploring the tools that we share with you there, most of all Kathy Schrock's list of applications and our own shared resources in the Links and Files page, or B) (sic) email me to begin to talk about schedule. I'm thinking I might take this one on the road, this year on weekends, next summer for a week at a time. Why? It works...

Life is good.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Web 2.0 for Us" Update

Just made it past "hump day" in the University School of Nashville "Web 2.0 for Us" workshop running Monday through Friday and I have to say I am sooooooo proud of these folks. They have embraced these valuable teaching tools more warmly than I could have predicted or hoped for. The blog is cool, but the wiki is cooler, maybe a statement that might summarize the whole ding-danged effort. See 'em both. Me? I'm goin' to bed.

Monday, July 23, 2007

A GREAT Day in the "Web 2.0 for Us" Workshop

I have to admit I was freakin' out last night--what if the model doesn't work, what if my theory that smart and creative teachers given time to explore tools will become energized and enthusiastic is all balderdash and tommyrot, what if our internet connection goes down, what if, what if, what if...?

Well, predictably, I suppose, the day came, the moments of excitement came and went, and it all worked out the way it should have. See the results of the first day from the USN Web 2.0 for Us workshop here. Especially check out the Report-Out pages on the wiki. Very good stuff.

Kudos to my friend David Warlick who came in via Skype video (we lost our own video due to some un-troubleshootable problem with my webcam and my laptop, but we forged ahead) to deliver most of a marvelous talk of his about Web 2.0 and Literacy. See the page he created for it here. Wow, I say, just Wow.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Snacks4theBrain! Podcast Features NECC2007!

Hey! Just finished posting episode number 58 of Snacks4theBrain! and thought it might be good to let everyone know here. The 20 min. podcast features snippets from Peggy Sheehy, Kathy Schrock, and Chris Dede--all three of whom presented stellar talks at the National Educational Computing Conference in Atlanta, Georgia (Chris's excerpt is from his keynote the subsequent "online learning institute" tagged onto the tail end of NECC). Go visit the S4theB! blog to listen and learn more.

Oh, for those monitoring for news of the new podcast "uber-device" to which I alluded in my Windows Podcasting talk at NECC, the current news is that its release is set for October of this year. As soon as I have leave to let out more I promise I'll do so right here (though you'll probably hear of it elsewhere as well--it's too big an innovation to escape large press).

If you haven't already, check out and keep an eye on the developments that will blossom over at the Web 2.0 in Education's week-long workshop at the University School of Nashville next week.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

NECC Podcasting Session

Apple has my NECC workshop session en totale for your listening pleasure, now online at iTunes! It's also available at the "Conference Connections" website but my own PC has a problem with the plugin to display it, so I suggest if you want to hear it, get on over to iTunes! More later!

Monday, July 02, 2007

My Brother's Website

Heavy sigh.

I have two brothers by birth and I love them both dearly. We've been through some times together, we have. That said, I've been blessed with another brother in my life: my dearest, closest, most distant brother, James Morrison. He's a poet, an actor, a musician, a daddy, a seeker, a producer, a director, and he's as close to my heart as anyone in the world. Heck, he taught me to juggle, ya'll.
Aside from Jimmy's most recent gig on Fox's 24, he's done a great deal of work over a good many years. Funny how people meet and bond; but spending time with Jimmy as apprentices in the Alaska Repertory Theatre's fledgling apprentice troupe, improvising imaginary journeys for schoolchildren in Anchorage, Alaska, may have directed my life in more profound ways than I can say. He's recently revised his website "Links" page to send people here, to my "life's work." Funny.
Go to his own website to get a taste of the most remarkable artist I've ever known, the kindest, gentlest, most centered human you'll ever hope to meet. He's my son's godfather, and I'm his son's. Does that make us "godbrothers?"


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