Monday, July 30, 2007

The Workshop's Done, but We're Not

Wow, what a gratifying week, working with 12 (10 at the end, due to injuries and illness--you didn't think Web 2.0 was so dangerous, did you?) talented, dedicated colleagues to puzzle and explore, query and tease out meaning, discuss, absorb, and generally mine the gold from at least a portion of what the new online collaborative tools have to offer educators and students.

If there's one terminology that could supplant the now hackneyed "Web 2.0," maybe it's that, Online Collaborative Tools. There you go: "OCT for Us." You heard it here first.


But meanwhile get thee on over to the wiki (see the blog if you'd like--it's really cool to watch the clustrmap to see the dot or two that gets added on the world map every day) to see (especially) the Individual Report-Outs, the Links and Files, and the News, to which I added just today.

Perhaps your fellow teachers could benefit from a week (or a day, or two, or three) of this kind of learner-driven, self-paced, exploration of the new OCT. If so, I have two alternatives to offer you: 1) visit the wiki and spend some time exploring the tools that we share with you there, most of all Kathy Schrock's list of applications and our own shared resources in the Links and Files page, or B) (sic) email me to begin to talk about schedule. I'm thinking I might take this one on the road, this year on weekends, next summer for a week at a time. Why? It works...

Life is good.

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