Friday, August 10, 2007

Starting the School Year 2007-8!

Wow, so it begins. All over the country, teachers are making ready their classrooms for an influx of new teachers--or they've already met them on that ground. My wish for all of us is that this year be the most inspiring for our children, the most pivotal in their path toward achieving the motivation to seek learning for the rest of their lives.

In my own school, it has been a great treat for me to be around the most dedicated group of educators I can imagine. I'm going to pop in a little video from the first inservice day breakfast, in which our fearless leader Vince Durnan cajoles us out into the 100 degree heat for a mass portrait on our front steps. One reason I'm doing this is to have a readily accessible video to share with my teachers when I hand out the grade-level FlipVideos we're buying, one for each grade level K-5. The other is for the world to see our professonal community at a rare moment of rest. We'll all be at work soon enough! Here's the video:

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