Sunday, September 02, 2007

Good Music from David Spencer

A brief commercial for my son's guitar teacher, David Spencer.

Wow. If "Lady Lover" isn't a single I don't know what is. "She Walks the Streets Alone" might be the B side, or then again maybe that's the single.

David, a brilliant and amazingly centered young fellow, originally (I do believe) from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He's been giving my beautiful son Colin guitar lessons every week for about a year, to the point at which Colin's already writing songs and has performed one of them in concert in front of his 5th grade peers (Colin's either stage-bound or just picking up valuable life skills with performance--he's the only pre-teen in the amazingly successful "Shakespeare in the Park" series this summer) and considers noodling on my guitar (a sleek black Scotty Moore-signed Gibson SG-Standard which he may not know is now really his) as natural a free-time choice as watching Spongebob or surfing Club Penguin.

Anyway, git on over to David's website then pop onto iTunes and buy "Love Like a Symphony," David's long-awaited solo offering, independently produced and one of the most hauntingly lovely compilations of original music I have ever heard. The production values are top-rate, the complex arrangements are flawlessly accomplished, and the kind and loving spirit of this good man soar through each song and will lift your own spirit. You'll thank me for this.

I even offer a new genre label for this stuff: "Intellapop." Comment here on what you think about that title. Sure, it's mainstream-geared, but sure, "Love Like a Symphony" is intelligent and thoughtfully done at every turn.

*Scott puts on Bronx accent*: "Just do it."

I probably could've left off with the first paragraph. If you missed it, here it is again:


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