Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Links for AIU Advisory Board Meeting

I'm meeting some online colleagues today (the Masters program advisory board at American Intercontinental University) via a semi-annual conference call, and I'd like to share some links to illustrate some of the discussion on the 3Di. As of now the links are scattered all over my blogs and networks, so here they are for quick reference:

SLedupotential--NECC collaboratively-contrived (by 9 educators in 9 different states)workshop proposal wiki:

SLeducation ning--recently launched socio-professional network at ning.com for stockpiling educationally relevant Second Life videos:

"Virtual or Virtually U: Educational Institutions in Second Life" Paper in the International Journal of Social Sciences, by Nancy Jennings and Chris Collins:

Kevin Jarret's Voicethread for K12onlineconference 2007:

and finally, (or not:), a presentation by Meredith Wesolowski (Meredith Snookums, SL) -- Introduction to Second Life for K12 Educators":

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