Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Twitter and What's Going On?

Logged into my iGoogle this morning, after sitting down with the espresso I set up last night. Yesterday I'd added two Twitter widgets to my iGoogle, one to read and one to post, hoping to twit a little more productively by reducing the number of clicks it takes to perform those two tasks. Top of the read window? David Warlick, and I'll quote here: dwarlick: Just read Will's post (http://tinyurl.com/2xflq5). I'm not sure we are even capable of answering his rhetorical questions! .

So I did "just read," and I suggest you do too.

That took me to another browser start page tab, my Netvibes, to its own "Education" tab (my netvibes tabs are, in order, left-to-right, "General, Education, Second Life, Music, News, and Technology"), where I clicked on David's most recent rss-fed entry, "Sometimes Size Doesn't Matter,", where he posts a few interesting rhetorical questions of his own.

Just thought I'd start out your day or evening with some impossible though thought-provoking questions. My apologies in advance. :)

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