Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Google Apps for Your Domain

My son, a 6th grade student at a progressive independent school at which I happen to teach, cratered tonight about the fact that he hasn't been allowed access (by his team members) to what should be a group-collaborated Powerpoint for a Social Studies project, and he's worried about his grade for participation--the assignment is due Friday. Early on, I suggested the three 11 year-olds use Google Presentation for the task, but the teacher said no.

There are so many things wrong with the above sentence, I won't even begin to rant: I've already ranted once today. But consider this, Google Apps for Your Domain in Education, capably and appropriately blogged by good ol' Chris at the infinitethinkingmachine. I want to say, "WTF," but the "W" is not "What" but, more to the point, "Why?"

This post is also a bit of an experiment. Check my Clustrmap in the right-hand column. There seems to be a lot of verified interest in this blog. Are my colleagues reading it? If you're a colleague of mine, please comment here. Hmmmmmm... If you're a teacher who cares about the future of our children and whether or not they'll be ready for it, please comment here. If you're a parent who is wondering about my sanity, please comment here.

I'll take a "Yo." More, if you have the time...


Julia said...

I am a computer teacher and tech coordinator. Thanks for posting. Your contributions go into the mix along with those of the people I work with day to day- must be an odd aspect of blogging, not even knowing many of the people in whose lives you are playing a role. Perhaps not that dissimilar to being an actor, novelist or news anchor. If I get to NECC some year, I'll look for a chance to say hello.

Scott said...

Thank you sooooo much for the comment, Julia--I feel alot like an actor sometimes. Please look for me at NECC in San Antonio. I'm feeling like it'll be a landmark, cuspy kind of year.