Sunday, January 20, 2008

This looks like a most interesting day of networking with other podcasters here in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm planning to to see what I make of it. Anybody else interested in attanding? Click the image to check the "unconference" out!


Ed Contini said...


Did you really play at the Chanting Gull in Anchorage in the early 70's? I ask because I was playing in a local Anchorage band at the time (named Gross Weight)and we, too, played at the Chanting Gull! We have all since left Anchorage and are scattered around the country. We have recently been trying to remember the name of the church that housed the Chanting Gull, and it's location. Do you recall?

Ed Contini

Scott said...

Hey, Ed,

Totally did, as me, with my pal Scott Miller (still in Anchorage and with a great independent CD) and with the Dr. Schultz Band. heheheheee

I don't remember Gross Weight but I do remember the church, though not its name. If you're desperate, email and I'll bet she'll remember!