Tuesday, January 08, 2008

XO Laptop Musings

Despite my spotty rep as a technology wiz (I know several certified wizzes, one who is actually named "Wiz," and I can't hold a candle to any of 'em), I'm feeling like a nOOb supreme each time I fire up the "buy two get one" XO laptop (pic courtesy eweek.com) that fell into my hands like a gift from the heavens today. I've turned it on three times now, a lot considering how busy my lab was today, with K-4 students blogging about their winter holidays!

I am cheered by my son's response to the machine--clearly it's attractive, and in the middle of his 6th grade homework hell (don't get me started) when I was showing it to him and said that I didn't know how to do a particular task on it, he said, "I'll find it..."

That's what we want, and what we strive for, ya'll. Empowered, curious, challenged-by-a-challenge young students who confident in the face of confusion (not buried-in-map-coloring-homework-and-redundant-math-drill frustrated ones). Something tells me there's to be more confusion in our world, sooner than later, and the better and more adaptable our children are at flexible learning, the better.

Why did I start this post? Oh, yeah, it was to shareshare a brief article about early OLPC deployment in Uruguay. You must read it! Now, let me jerk your head around a bit. Take a gander at this Business Week article on Intel's dumping of the project, posted only 6 hours ago... It's certainly not a simple concept, that Negroponte quest...

I'm sooooo glad to have one in hand, though, and thanks to my Tech Director, Kathy Wieczerza, or 'Wiz,' for supporting this team exploration of the XO laptop!

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