Wednesday, February 06, 2008! Blogging Text with a Cell Phone Voice Call!

Weeeeeeeeee! From twitter friend David Jakes "@djakes," came a little post about, a new beta tool that allows one to post to blog, post to twitter, and post to a myriad of other platforms, such as Google Calendar, using your voice on a free 1-866 number call. The excellent voice recognition translates it to text and posts automatically. I'll have to train myself to talk like I want to write (my longstanding argument against the possibility of voice recognition rendering keyboarding skills obsolete) but this looks like a fun and easy way to, for example, create a google calendar event on the fly. MySpace isn't an option...yet.
To check the voice-to-text, listen to the audio file (also posted automatically, if that option is set up for your target site) and read along. Jott didn't like "Alrighty then," but I can live with that! There's also an option to
Already there, I am blogging to with Jott at at Wonder what's that ground(?) noises [...] I'm in a computer lab full of 3rd graders. OK, that's all for now, this has been a test from Scott Merrick at listen

Very groovy. The website is full of examples and suggestions for using the service, like shopping at with a voice call to Jott. Here's a list of suggested searches that will email you (not text, thanks be) you the 5 top returns on your search:

Helpful Jott to Amazon Tips
The more specific you are with the item, the more accurate your results will be
In the off chance that you do not receive search results in the email from the item you were searching for, please try sending a Jott to Amazon again with more specific terms.
Only say the product name, or item. Starting with “I want” or “I would like to get” will return no search results.
Use key words to direct your search to a certain category. Including:

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