Saturday, February 02, 2008

NCLB Rant!

No, it's not me: it's our boy Wes Fryer launching off on a grade-A-number-1 rant after the State of the Union address. Wes, an educational advocate I admire and follow, wonders how many of our elected politicians actually send their children to the public schools they've subjected to NCLB...:

"Would those parents and grandparents (our elected officials) want to send their own offspring to schools where recess has been cancelled after second grade, because there is no time for recess amidst the constant environment of test preparation? Do our elected representatives send their own precious children and grandchildren into classrooms where students have been normatively valued predominantly by the test scores which they can or cannot produce for the school’s aggregate statistical rating, rather than for the ideas and unique contributions which they can and want to make to their communities? We are living in an increasingly immoral educational and political culture, and the assumptions which are presented as "facts" by our political leaders regarding a "quality education" should both offend and enrage our population."

(Fanning myself.) That's only part of what Wesley Fryer has to say. Is it that those of us in the discussion fall out into either the affective or the effective camps? The effective being those who seek to quantify what is essentially qualitative? Sheesh, it's all too much for me, but go read Wes's thoughts, and weigh in, at the Moving at the Speed of Creativity blog.

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