Friday, February 29, 2008

The Quality of "Many"...

Will Richardson blogged about Chris Jordan today, and it's such an amazing visual treat that I have to share out. It's also a fiercely coincidental koinkidink: Our school is hosting bead artist (don't discount that description because of the words used to compose it) David Chatt's incredible work this month. See a Nashville Tennessean article about that and also his own website.

Chris Jordan's "An American Self-portrait: Running the Numbers" visually depicts the statistics we may not otherwise appreciate. 1,000,000 (the number of plastic cups used on U.S. air flights ever 6 hours), 32,000 Barbie dolls (the number of elective breast augmentation surgeries in the U.S. in 2006), the 2,000,000 plastic beverage bottles used in the U.S. every 5 minutes. Wow.

Curiously enough, Chatt and Jordan are both Seattle artists. Hmmmmmm...

Jordan's two million plastic bottles:

David Chatt's "Portable Pink Parts"

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