Friday, March 28, 2008

At TAIS -- ustreaming Will Richardson and more!

The Tennessee Ass'n of Independent Schools Tech Institute in Memphis, Tennessee is underway and I'll have more later from the hotel room tonight. I'm archiving it on, and if you get in live today you may catch it live! The address is if you want to check it out! Resources he talks about are at Will's Weblogged-Ed wiki. Will's blog, linked in my sidebar for well over two years now, is Weblogged-Ed, one of the (if not the) first blogs to be created about education and "the read-write web." One of my favorite recent posts is his 53 second snippet from UK maven Dr. Steven Heppel, simply entitled "Universal Learning Care," a compelling analogy, the concept that "learning goes with you through life, just as health does."

Here's a url to Will's presentation on RSS--treat yourself to it! And I've now prettied up the videos of his sessions, so have at those at

Awwww, heck--here's the embed:

and here's the backchat from that session!

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