Friday, March 07, 2008

Will Richardson Live Blogging from New York

Silvia Martinez added the comment "It’s fascinating - a civil discussion between two educators about the essence of what we need to do to improve schools in the US." to educational innovator Will Richardson's "Live Blog" post from Teaching and Learning's "" conference in NYC. More and more, it's becoming possible to "attend" to these events online in between classes and as one can. Travel? Certainly necessary, so there can be a strong diverse local audience. Participation? At will and as needed and justified. Learning? Anytime.

Catch up on the Live Blog post after the fact. Join Twitter or another educational network to build a set of resources to allow you access to live presentations. You can't attend if you don't know about 'em!

Attending a conference? Use CoverItLive, Twitter, or to share out. WOW!

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