Saturday, April 12, 2008

Social Networking and Education--and book review

I just posted a long book review I think belongs only at my Second Life blog but thought some might want to see it there.

And Andy Carvin just tweeted a new blog post, this one an embedded slideshow from his Social networking and Education talk at the University of Maryland/Baltimore's School of Networking. Hey, why doesn't Vanderbilt have a "School of Networking!?" One critical element of his show is a slide called "Overcoming Fear," which references the Byron Review, a good resource to know about.

Here's the slideshow:


Andy Carvin said...

LOL - "school of networking" was a typo on my part. It was the UMB School of Nursing! Doh! Funny freudian slip. :-)

Joel B. said...

Hey, Andy, good to hear from ya. We all could use a Freudian slip every once in a while!