Tuesday, May 13, 2008

End of Year "How am I Gonna Get It Done" Blues

Weeeeeeeeeee! It's zoning down on us, ya'll, the end of the school year. I don't have any earthly idea why it so takes us by such surprise every year. This year, of course, with my lovely daughter graduating high school, a major project going on at the CSO, and two summer workshops for Vanderbilt plus a week in Mexico, a week at NECC in San Antonio, with its SLedupotential workshop in planning stages, I've hardly had a chance to post. I think this may be the longest I've gone between posts, since, well, since ever...

That said, there's not a lot to share (isn't that enough? it seems not). I will mention that we got word last week that every classroom in the Lower School will have new paint and new carpet over the summer, which means that every book and pencil needs to be packed into boxes ready to be moved out of the room before the end of inservice. That means, as well, I'll need to label every single cable (I think--I'm still sorting out the plan) for re-assembly of my 22 computer lab. Neat.

We're going to Puerto Vallerta the second week in June, so if anyone has any suggestions for the trip, aside from don't drink the water ( :)), send 'em along.

I'm introducing my 3rd graders to Keyboarding for Kids today and for the rest of the week, toward subliminally implanting prior experience for access the first of next school year. Sure, they won't remember, but they'll "remember" and it'll make things go better as we get into serious keyboarding learning next year.

Buckle up, keep the faith, and hold on tight. It'll be summer before you know it. Picture is roses from my back yard. :)


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