Friday, May 16, 2008

"High Schools at the Tipping Point"

From ASCD, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, comes a detailed and thought provoking challenge to our institutional models for teaching and learning. It's well worth a read and so very insightful that I cannot but share it.

Though it has its share of gloomy statistics, Bog Wise's timely article is far from doomsaying. He proposes three positive initiatives to begin change:

*Align what schools expect of students with the demands of college and the workforce

*Offer a rigorous, option-rich curriculum; personalize learning; and provide necessary supports

*Improve instruction by mining data and using digital technologies

Bob Wise is former Governor of West Virginia and the President of the Alliance for Excellent Education. The article's lead-line should give you a bit more motivation to pursue reading it:

The United States faces a choice: Do nothing to fix a broken high school system and watch our competitiveness further decline, or summon the political will to demand change.

Thanks to my twitter group, AngelaMaiers in particular, for pointing me to this must-share.

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