Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last Half-Day of School--It's MOVIE TIME!

Toward fulfilling the state's mandatory 175 days of instruction, we're gathered together today to dork through the last half-day of school. Getting out of Dodge at the end of the year is especially pressing this year because our entire Lower School wing is getting a fresh coat of paint and new carpet on the floors during the summer months. I've already spent hours moving the PC towers off the floor onto the tables and made sure that the cables are free so that as soon as the last class of kids has walked out of the lab door for the last time this school year, I can begin coiling cables so that each computer table can be picked up and carried into the room across the hall so the carpeting can proceed apace.

I recalled sharing this wonderful video a couple years ago, and it's still there, so I'm sharing it out here. Enjoy "Warriors of the Net!"

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