Thursday, May 29, 2008

Leading and Learning with Technology Spot

Hey all,

I just learned this evening that I'm to be the member profile for this upcoming month's ISTE Leading and Learning with Technology print magazine. Realizing that folks may come here from that wonderful publication I just want to say thank you to Jennifer Ragan-Fore, ISTE's Director of the General Membership Program, for aiming the editorial radar my way. As whatever the editors do with the profile info I sent them will doubtless reflect, I'm just a teacher, flailing about in as organized way as my own teaching and learning styles will allow, doing my best just like all tens (hundreds?) of thousands of other teachers do every day. I am at once heartened and humbled by this weird, brief spotlight.

Scroll down and check out sidebar links here. It's a rich place, in undefinable ways. If I have any words of wisdom for you it's the same ones I share with my kids: Be Good and Have Fun.

I have a new focus that I'm examining for my own non-masters thesis: Seek Balance.

Cheers, and let's have a fun and kind summer...

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Lisa Linn/Clare Lane said...


You are a gift to all who have the pleasure of knowing you, and I am happy to be one of that group :-)