Sunday, May 18, 2008

Redeux--My Talented Kids

Hola, friends,

Proud dad here, sharing mainly for family but also for anyone who wants to listen or view. The end of the school year is of course bringing all kinds of opportunities to celebrate our children. My lovely daughter, Miranda, received her school's annual Vocal Performance award in a school assembly this past week, and she sang at Convocation evening a beautiful song called "The Wish," from an anonymous poem, and accompanied by her much loved choral teacher, Ms. Judy Yeaworth. Of course, did I record it? Nope.

I did, however, have my digital camera with me today at Christ Church Cathedral's Youth Day celebration service, and I flipped it to video mode and set it down in the pew while she sang the same song, solo, this time accompanied by Michael Velting, the Cathedral's stellar organist and Choral Director. It's an odd recording in the sense that her solo picks up just as the first few rows of the large congregation are shuffling out to communion, and that gets louder as other rows follow. There are coughs, sneezes, and such as you'd hear in any big group of people; but somehow they just make the central lyrical performance that much more beautiful. I'll add the lovely lyrics as soon as I get them.

Enjoy, "The Wish," sung by Miranda Merrick, Sunday morning, May 18, 2008.

And far be it from me to spare my son from the spotlight, a location I feel he'll frequent often and long. Take a look at the wonderful year-end recital put on by Ma. Murphree's Creative Movement class. Colin's the last boy entering.

I'll doubtless brag more later :)

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Paul R. Wood said...

You have every right to be proud. Wonderful voice Miranda. Thanks for sharing the people noise did not detract. I look forward to hearing more some time soon.