Friday, June 27, 2008

Arrived Safely at NECC, Now in the Conference Center, Room 006D

, where I will be installing Second Life on the 31 computers in the room. Looks like I need to wait on my contact for the installation since I don't have the perms to do it without a password. Good security, bad scottvenience :)

I met Barbara Conover on the flight (she'd been at it since 3 in the morning from Philadelphia), who's Project Manager for the Center for Visualization at St. Joseph's University. She's managing a huge CSTA pre-conference in the building tomorrow, geared around the Alice Project. Very much a lagniappe meeting, since I'm planning to use Alice, a 3d modeling software, with my older elementary kids next week. SEE!? I've already learned something!!! This is gonna be AWESOME!

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