Saturday, June 28, 2008

NECC 2008 Preconference Pics!

The ustream video on this page was shared out real-time during the session and had, at peak participation, 18 remote viewers. One was Clif Mims, who was sitting right next to me in person, so maybe don't count that one :)If it doesn't load for you visit this link for it!

The conference is starting off very promisingly! Edubloggercon began with my meeting many of my twitter and blogging colleagues whom I'd only previously known online. My co-presenters for Monday's session were mostly there, and I made some contacts I particularly cherish, including Alice Mercer, Dean Grooms, Fred Delventhal, and Terra Sieberman ("Louise Borgnine")--I got real-life hugs from folks I'd only texted them to before. This is a fabulous experience.

A couple highnotes, Scott Swanson approaching me telling me "Dude! You're quoted on the poster!"

Terra seeking me out to deliver a membership ribbon that says, simply "Rock Star." This is because I'll be onstage with the live band during the reception tomorrow night, "being" the guitarist in the band onstage in Second Life. Life(s) is good.

I have audio, I have video, and stay tuned, because I'm not afraid to use it!!!

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clifmims said...

It was nice to meet you in IRL today, Scott. Thanks for archiving and sharing today's events.

All the best,