Thursday, June 05, 2008

There Goes Everybody

This is my last post about Here Comes Everybody. At least until I read it again. In a couple days I'm off to Puerta Vallarta with the family for a good long relaxing beach time. I'll take with me Cities of the Plain, Cormac McCarthy's closer for his Border Trilogy, the set that started with All the Pretty Horses. I'll also have Madeleine Levine's The Price of Privilege. And I'll be taking my mandolin and my sketchpad. Life(s) is good.

So I finished Everybody today, sitting in the dentist office whilst my son was getting his teeth cleaned and a clean bill of "no cavities," savoring the Acknowledgments after consuming the Epilogue. I urgently recommend this tome to anyone interested in teaching and learning and/or the ways our lives are being changed by technology. I'm gonna paraphrase an analogy, and I'll probably blow it, but Shirky put up a nice explanation of our journey through Web 2.0 as more of a kayak ride than any kind of more controllable trip. We can have control only of whether we can remain upright as we negotiate it--not the direction, not the speed, not the obstacles we encounter--only whether we can maintain balance. I like that. Read the book.

That is all. I'll send links to a flickr album from vacation. That's kinda funny, you know: My very first blogging experience was a blog I created to document a trip to Japan in 2002. It was my "entrance drug" and it still exists. I like to think that every once in a while someone stumbles upon it, enjoys my writing, and swears they'll visit that excellent nation.

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