Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Fawn at Dusk

I'm sitting by the same window out of which my children and I watched a yearling feeding just last evening, and thinking that a gentle surcease of intensity is just what's needed at the moment. So as a little gift, here's my brief slideshow of the moment last night:

My boy and I are driving home this morning, back to a week of summertime at home, after having breakfast with his sister, who's working at a nearby family community kidsitting for the rest of the week. It's beautiful up here, and it makes me wonder if someday my love and I might have some woodsy place to call haven. It would have to have a pond stocked with lake trout and catfish, though, now wouldn't it...

I wish you all the love and restful reflection you can manage to eek out of the pressures of work and other necessity.

1 comment:

Anne said...

Thank you Scott for sharing this. I thoroughly enjoy watching wildlife.
I, too, hope you and your love one day find a woodsy haven to call your own.