Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thanks Jeff Utecht and Shaun McElroy

Today friend Jeff Utecht twittered an announcement of a new blogpost at his U Tech Tips blog, actually posted by Shaun McElroy. Here's a bit of Shaun's post:

Dr. Randy Pausch, of the computer science world died this week of pancreatic cancer. He knew we was going to die and he was asked to give on last lecture. This was captured on YouTube. And later Randy expanded his ideas in a book, called The Last Lecture.

and here's a link to the U Tech Tips post with the 1 hour plus video. I'm watching it as I type this. Whatever you are doing, you should go watch and listen. Really...

Adding this later: Aaron E. Walsh, from, sent out a brief notice to that international "Immersive Education" group which in part said,

Randy spearheaded the development of Alice, an educational 3D/VR programming environment that will soon become a key tool in the growing Immersive Education toolkit, which many of us recall from the Boston Digital Media Summit this past January (Luke Nagel gave a hands-on demonstration of Alice in the labs at the Summit). Although many in the 3D/VR community will remember Randy because of Alice, his last lecture and the message he carried following his diagnosis will surely be remembered by many more and far longer. Aaron
Aaron E. Walsh :

from an email dated 072608

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