Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wow, Chatting with Steve Hargadon Today Was Stellar!

In my workshop today, the one-week thingie I have created and promoted to give teachers time to explore and learn about the Read/Write Web, we chatted with Classroom 2.0 creator Steve Hargadon via Skype for over 20 minutes. Early in the day I noticed Steve on Skype and asked him if he could pop in to help us understand his huuuuuuuuge ning, which any moment now will achieve its 10,000th member.

I just checked. Having converted the nearly 1 Gb .mov file my Kodak cam recorded to a smaller (42 or so Mb) .mov file for the internet, it's housed at Classroom 2.0. View it now!

Check out our wiki for lots of fun!

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