Friday, September 26, 2008

A Great Webcast Today at Technology Shopping Cart Podcast!

Host Wesley Fryer did a great job of moderating and his tweet out to Twitter alerted me to come into the discussion, which was lively and informative. His blog post minutes after the show was over allowed me to embed the video of it right here for you (and do visit his site to get backchat and links notes!). This is why I love the mashup of Web2.0 tools I've integrated into my personal learning network. I could have missed this, and I've been none the wiser...Enjoy!

Live Broadcasting by Ustream


Wesley Fryer said...

Thanks for joining us Scott! It was fun-- unfortunately I neglected to capture all our text chat though. Karen and I are going to work on the shownotes in the next few days and try to re-create them. Can you share the link to that Harvard framework you mentioned in the chat again please?

Scott said...

Durn...I thought I'd saved that whole chat but can't find it...meanwhile, try

also shared and that PBS special, which I think everyone needs to see: