Tuesday, September 09, 2008

SLEDCC in Tampa

I've been neglecting my "main" blog lately due to the start of school and my amazing journey with MUVErs and the SLEDCC (Second Life Education Community Conference) in Tampa, Florida. If you're interested in that you can catch up by visiting my Second Life blog, "Oh! Virtual Learning" and the Second Life Education blog, to which I'm a contributor. The latter will be merging into the official Linden Lab blogosphere soon, and we'll see where that goes, but the carnival ride has certainly started.

I'm working on a grant proposal with my dear colleague Jennifer Ufnar at the Vanderbilt Center for Science Outreach, one that will allow for a full 3 or 4 weeks of Web2.0forUS! sessions next summer, so stay tuned for that. The very successful one week session this past summer left all of us feeling like we needed more time, hence the call for a longer session and the quest for support to facilitate it.

I'm also working on an article with Jennifer Ragan-Fore about the ups and downs of streaming video over the internet. That issues from my experiences in Tampa and should show up in an ISTE newsletter soon. The fantastic new teacher orientation option that Linden Lab is offering via its Education Programs page is terrifically exciting. If you've been sitting back and wondering what all the hubbub about Second Life for education is, this is your chance to dive in, free of charge, to the world of the 3Dinternet. ISTE and Linden Lab are working to make it easy for educators to begin using what is essentially a powerful new way to experience the internet. Think of is as a fun new browser interface. Try it. You'll like it. If you don't get off ISTE Island for weeks you could not be better served than to spend some internet time making new friends from every part of the planet.

If you're an average joe, not a teacher, you are still welcome to enter via the new education pilot point. It's safe, fun, and learning is always a good thing...

Off to work! Have a marvelous day!!!

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