Friday, October 17, 2008

Americana Folk Festival, See You There!

et in the bucolic hills of Middle Tennessee, AFF is all about interaction...anyone who loves acoustic music will be certain to come away happy." (Performing Songwriter Magazine)
Over 30 bands on 3 stages and tickets priced at under a buck a band? The premier of a new Yazoo Brewery organic beer? Weeeheeee! I'll be there and so will my boy! I've watched the press releases for this the past few years thinking, hmmmmmm, I really should get out there. Well, now that my boy is such an accomplished player (at 12, sheesh) and we just took that fabulous tour of the Gibson factory (see yesterday's post), we'll pack up my A-5 and my Guild RNT-50 and his Epiphone Dove and drive the 30 minutes out to Montgomery Bell State Park (my childhood swimming hole of choice, btw) and do the day. I swear it!

See you there!

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Scott said...

Well, I just checked the Google Calendar and realized it's Parents' Weekend at Belmont University Nov. 1 and we're committed to be there. Sigh. Enjoy it without us!