Friday, October 10, 2008

Foreigner Concert Rocks the Wildhorse!

Got a slideshow, contains some video too, just snippets! I was reluctant to go but did because me boy won tickets (THANK YOU 105.9 THE ROCK!) on the radio. Kip Winger opened with a stellar high octane solo acoustic performance that was blastin' despite just being him and his guitar. We were parked one set of tables from the stage at the front of the table and two wonderfully friendly British Columbians, playing in NashVegas while their families are up on a guided hunting trip in Kaintuck, sat just behind us at the table and sweetened the experience with great conversation.

Once lukewarm about Foreigner, I'm now a dyed-in-the-wool Foreigner fan. Mick Jones just BLAZES on lead guitar, Jeff Pilson does that hair slinging and playing-the-bass-like-a-fiddle thing like a madman, and Kelly Hanson out front gives great stage: Every other band member is energetic, accomplished and wildly entertaining. Wynona Judd came out at the end of the show to join in a couple songs, turning "Hot Blooded" into a wailing rocker far surpassing any earlier version.

We bought the new CD, a two-disk set called "The Very Best of Foreigner," and it is, and includes a medley with "Juke Box Hero/Whole Lotta Love" that I could swear channels Led Zeppelin into the room! It also includes a live performance of a historically overlooked album cut by Jones called "Starrider" that had me aching for simpler (more spacey) times in the past, and if that one channels anyone, it's probably David Bowey.

Someone bought us a big Wildhorse beerglass (who did that???) which our waitress, Shelley, delivered wordlessly, and on the way into the room we had purchased the CD, 5 dollars of the purchase going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Colin scarfed 3 guitar pics and the admiration of complete strangers who approached me as we exited with heartfelt words like "Your son is AWESOME." An accomplished guitarist already, I have to admit that he is one to watch! Look out, Foreigner!

Here's the pics! There may be more added, assuming new BC pal Margie sends along a link! Before you load it, open another tab and fire up the Foreigner website for an auto-playing soundtrack. I do believe you'll have to click on the embedded vid here to visit picasaweb slideshow for the video snippets to play. I just had to whip out the cam when Jones started wailin' on his Les Paul and I'm hoping that this post is so "newsy," the video is so grainy and the sound so "snapshotty" from my little digital still cam that nobody comes after me with a takedown notice. I'll be glad to do that upon request!

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