Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Live Blog! Internet2 in New Orleans!

I can't seem to get the title of this right at coveritlive, but the gist is there. I'll correct it all from home later this week. Meanwhile, check out the liveblog from its record below, and keep in mind that I was juggling a Second Life client, chat in SL and in Skype, and trying to liveblog and figure out what I would say (Randy asked me to sit up at the panel table and join in, minutes before we went live). I had planned to ustream the thing, which in retrospect I probably should've done, since inworld folks said the I2 stream wasn't working for them, but there ya go, I didn't. Hopefully the stream will be made available for archive later, then you can see each person's informative contributions and how interested the attendees were, which was considerably.

Thanks to the I2 folks for the invite to participate. I'd never have dreamed of attending this mostly highly technical conference and I'd never have met so many wonderfully engaged and engaging technology leaders without that. Thanks to the Vanderbilt Center for Science Outreach, its own set of thought leaders, for funding; and thanks to University School of Nashville for allowing me ProfDev leave to attend. I didn't consult the school calendar before asking them, but I'd likely not have asked if I'd done so and realized that I have today and tomorrow and the weekend off for Fall Break!

Now it's off to home with a tour of the Gibson Guitar Factory with me boy Colin on the way home from the airport. I hope they let me take pictures and blog the tour :)

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