Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Real Life Experiences in Virtual Worlds" Video Archive!

I mentioned that I was tapped (at the last minute, hence my extempore performance!) to sit up front and say a few words at the Internet2 New Orleans panel on Thursday and I am pleased that there's a very nicely mounted video archive now available. I'm 'way down about 52:20 into the thing, but you can learn from my distinguished co-panelists (and watch me madly live-blogging and trying to follow along in Second Life all at the same time), if you have a few moments. It was an honor to be asked to formally participate and I'll likely grab audio from the archive for my next podcast! I only wish the first panel, on Tuesday, had been so archived!

Watch the whole "Real Life Experiences in Virtual Worlds" presentation video archive at the Internet2 Fall Meeting website.

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