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Skate Park Snap

It doesn't get much better than this.

Moose Nuggets Kicks off the MentalNomad Podcast Holiday Show

Hey, ya'll,

I'm knee deep in family (literally) but I wanted to let you know that my "old non-standard" holiday tune, "Moose Nuggets for Christmas" has been featured on this month's MentalNomad Show podcast. Head on over and give it some love. There are a number of other great indie tunes in that 'cast, and Jason Tippitt, the show's host, throws down a challenge to donate to charity and in return offers some fun prizes up for grabs!

Great Jason! Thanks for the spinnnnnnnzzzzzzz.

Society 3.0, Savor It with your Egg Nog!

Checking out my Diigo weekly shareouts this morning I stumbled on this, and no, it's not the newest thing on the block, issuing from John Moravec from the University of Minnesota and EducationFutures, back in September, but (wow!) it was such a superior and interesting standalone presentation for me that I thunk I'd better share it out further. I can't imagine being there for the real thing, and I hope my path crosses that of Dr. Moravec soon.

BTW thanks to everyone who voted for "Oh! Virtual Learning!," my Second Life blog, which posted in 3rd place in a field of 6 for the "Best Educational Use of a Virtual World" Edublog2008 Award last night. I thank you from the bottom of my holiday heart! And congrats to Discovery Education Network in Second Life and Jokaydia, the two stellar blogs that won out in first and second places, respectively!

Toward Society 3.0: A New Paradigm for 21st century educationView SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags:…

Plurk, Today'sMeet, and Twitter!

Clif Mims in Mahmphis plurked a sweet little application a while ago. True to the micro-blog creed, it's a short one: Useful Microblog-like platform for classrooms and presentations . I'll be using this lean little backchat tool, called "Today'sMeet," perhaps with my 4th graders tomorrow, the last full day of classes b4 winter holidays :)

Sign up for Plurk here! You'll love it! It's Twitter with discussion threads!

Here's a screen grab from my plurk interface. Click for a larger version!

NECC2009, Here We Come!

I'll be heading to Washington DC the last week in June of next year to do some challenging work!

I received emails from the NECC2009 programs committee yesterday announcing that two of my proposals have been accepted, both for 3 hour hands-on workshops relating to Second Life. Presentation proposers--Don't panic if you haven't heard about your own proposals yet: These came early since they required a change in venue from PC to Mac labs due to NECC logistics.

Here are the titles and session descriptions:

Introduction to Education in Second Life: n00bs UNITE!Session Description Highly experienced ISTE Second Lifers will help interested but "skills-challenged" educators explore this rich virtual platform for its value in teaching and learning.and

Educators' Toolbox and Skill Set: Instruction and Presentation in Second LifeSession Description Become a skillful user of the most exciting immersive environment available. Acquire skills and tools that will serve you we…

PLEASE vote!

Hey, all,

My other blog, the one about Virtual Environments in the service of education, has just garnered a nomination for Best Use of Virtual Worlds in the Edubloggers Awards 2008 race. I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd click on over to the site and vote for "Oh! Virtual Learning" so I might take home the "Eddie" in that category this year. Voting goes through December but I'm all for pulling out ahead early and staying there. Not that I'm competitive, heheheee. Here's the link:


Fantastic "Case Study" Features "Teen Perspectives on Second Life"

I'm going to cross-post this to "Oh! Virtual Learning" just because it's so cool. Seldom do I find extremely detailed treatments of education in Virtual Environments, and this one is nothing short of extraordinary.

Steve Collis is "a French/English teacher, and 'Head of Innovation' at Northern Beaches Christian School and its innovation arm, the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning" in Sydney, Australia. He recently visited my good friend and colleague Peggy Sheehy at her school in Ramapo, New York, to examine how she has become the nation's premier "virtual pioneer" in using VE to facilitate teaching and learning for her young students. He reported out a week ago at his blog, "HappySteve" (a great name for a blog!, subtitled "Teachers, Technology, Learning"), and I want to urgently suggest (is that subtle enough) that you go visit the particular blogpost (permalink) to view his video documentation. Bookmark it, …