Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Plurk, Today'sMeet, and Twitter!

Clif Mims in Mahmphis plurked a sweet little application a while ago. True to the micro-blog creed, it's a short one: Useful Microblog-like platform for classrooms and presentations . I'll be using this lean little backchat tool, called "Today'sMeet," perhaps with my 4th graders tomorrow, the last full day of classes b4 winter holidays :)

Sign up for Plurk here! You'll love it! It's Twitter with discussion threads!

Here's a screen grab from my plurk interface. Click for a larger version!


Clif Mims said...


How did this work in your class? Inquiring teachers would like to know. heehee.

Scott said...

Hey Clif, Sadly, I didn't get to it. I still plan to and will get back wit' ya when I do...