Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Facebook Exchange with a Former 3rd Grader!

I just want to share a gratifying Facebook comment exchange I had with a former third grader, now a student at Princeton. I happened to be on a couple days ago when he posted:

Alexshould be working now, but cant find the will.

I was just about to logout and slam my laptop closed after working all day trying to edit down audio from a recent presentation to a serviceable file for inclusion in a new podcast, and I'd decided to just quit for the day and finish it up ad hoc this week. Seriously, I'd been working on it for 8 hours (post-production is highly underappreciated!). I wrote to him:

Scott Merrick at 6:03pm February 23
Will it to happen, Alex, you can you can you can. I'm stopping. Been working all day and into the night! You get started! Here's the torch!

and almost immediately got this back:

Alex wrote at 8:19pm
thanks for the encouragement! I guess you never cease being my teacher!

If that's not the bee's knees I don't know what is. Here's a public thanks to Facebook for making it possible for me to "never cease!"

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