Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 Ways Your Job Will Change

This is an example of why Twitter might be a good tool to add to your professional arsenal: This morning, while I worked out on my step machine and listened to Steve Earle's new Townes Van Zandt album  on my computer (thank you, Jim and Amy!), one of my network, a Dell executive who goes by the name "ShiftParadigm," tweeted, simply:

Mark E. Weston Ph.D.ShiftParadigmReading the Way We Will Work: Ten Ways Your Job Will Change (from Time magazine). Think mine has already changed. http://bit.ly/7hGjn

I spent the next 45 minutes reading the article, and, yes, that's a long read, but it is truly interesting. Here's a quote:

Rob Carter, chief information officer at FedEx, thinks the best training for anyone who wants to succeed in 10 years is the online game World of Warcraft. Carter says WoW, as its 10 million devotees worldwide call it, offers a peek into the workplace of the future. Each team faces a fast-paced, complicated series of obstacles called quests, and each player, via his online avatar, must contribute to resolving them or else lose his place on the team. The player who contributes most gets to lead the team — until someone else contributes more.

Ah, technology. Just do it.

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