Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Big "T" for Teachers

Did you know the big "T" in Teachers really stands for "TIME?"

I just popped into my FriendFeed to check out my Professional tab and there was Will Richardson sharing out Rich Lambert's insightful post at his blog, Removing the ‘e’ from ‘e-learning:Integrating important new technologies more seamlessly into our teaching.

That's the way all this works, pilgrim: Because I'm connected to willrich45 in twitter, and because I pull that into FriendFeed, I get to read an inspiring post I may have missed in my overstuffed Google Reader, not to mention my bloated Netvibes! I really must get to some RSS housekeeping over the summer!

Rich's blog is a staple of mine, and this post shows why: I highly recommend you take the few minutes of time (sort of a meta-exercise) it takes to read "How do I make the time?," which has some spot-on points about how to move our students into the 21st century by exchanging blocks of classroom time doing antiquated instructional activities for new ones that are relevant, timely, and forward-thinking. READ MORE...

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