Saturday, May 30, 2009

HealthCamp Nashville #hcn09

This will e ongoing all day today. Check back in for more as I view events and present a little SL thingie at 2:00 pm CDT.

Attending keynote for HealthCamp Nashville with Paul Meyer, Chariman of Voxiva, "THE POWER OF THE INTERNET, THE REACH OF THE PHONE"--got in a bit late but it's an interesting talk. His company works with with Mexico, Rwanda, Peru, and obviously quite a few oter places.

vid@net is an interactive support system for HIV/AIDS and their families

text4baby will be rolled out soon, hoping it's "the American Idol of health services." (Text BABY to 311411)

The US is behind in mobile health because it's the only country in the world where you actually pay to receive text messages

Telecompanies have moved toward a "toll-free" model for providers who want to provide texting to their clients/subscribers

Cites the Pew Internet and American Life Project Survey, Dec. 2007

"For minority populations the cell phone _is_ their internet.

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