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Back to Work! Where Did the Summer Go?

I can't really complain. I've had a great summer. 10 days in D.C. at NECC09 helped fill it up, for sure, and three on Lake Conroe north of Houston, Texas fishing with my dear brother Ed. My son's in South Africa on a month long trek with his grandparents and his cousin, and I'm here at USN working to set up my students and faculty for the best year ever.

There's a lot happening here with technology. First and foremost we're implementing the Lower School's entry into the world of Whipplehill, the platform the other two divisions implemented last year for Student Information System and parent and student communication. It's very powerful (and was very expensive, though the cumulative savings over the next few years in "snailmailings" will recoup much of that initial investment. But the main deal, of course, is that many teachers are no different than most other adults--they resist change, either intentionally or subconsciously, and they also unde…

Eduverse Talks Archive!

ISTE Eduverse Talks episode number 7 is now available for replay at the ISTE Eduverse website. Click the image below to visit, watch, listen, or watch and listen. I've been invited along with my MUVERS LLC partners Cathy Walker and John Miller to participate in another eipisode Tuesday, July 28, so join us there live (5 pm SLT, 7 pm CDT) or check back at the Eduverse website for its own archive a week or so after the show!
I'll be completely off-grid for a couple days as I head to the hills with my honey, so comments here, if any, may take longer than usual to show up. Vacation time, ya'll!

Three Heads

...are better than one.

My dear 10-year old godson Seamus is recuperating from a recent operation to remove a brain tumor, and the whole story is much more than I want to share out here. I do want to share a picture his dad sent, from the hospital lawn, and I know that my brother-from-another-mother James will be okay with my sharing it.

He sent this picture out to his legions of supportive friends. If this doesn't brighten your day or night, check your pulse. And whatever your religious leanings are, if you want to offer a prayer or a meditation for healing and recovery, now's the time.
Seamus, Jimmy, and Riad, I love you.

Why Jeff went to NECC09

An amazing animoto that will hopefully be shared far and wide, from my good friend Jeff Agamenoni, Great Falls, Montana teacher and family guy supreme. I'm proud to be a part of Jeff's extended family!

Wordle 4th of July

Twitter Follower Mosiac! Fun!