Thursday, July 02, 2009

NECC09 for the Visually Needy!

NECC09 is dead. Long live NECC09!

I'll be reflecting over the next couple of days from Washington DC and adding pics to my necc09scottmerrick flickr set. I hope you enjoy the pics and if you have any to add, feel free to point us to 'em in a comment here. The pic at left might just need to become my profile pic for a while--taken right after the final keynote speech for NECC09--sitting in the Old Dominion Brew Pub right up the street from the Convention Center.

The next couple days will be spent with Cathy and John, getting us all on the same page with MUVErs LLC and enjoying one another's company. We'll not be glued at the hip, but we will be able to take advantage of synchronous communication, a rarity since we're so geographically dispersed.

There is a growing body of pictures tagged "necc09" that you can accesss at the necc09 flickr stream. Note from flicker, 8:58 a.m. July 2:

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mrsdurff said...

I know I missed much learning - I was preoccupied with a new life entering our world - my friend's grandson Nikolai Shaw Dabrowski was born this week
I would be interested in knowing what thoughts were stimulated by what you heard, saw, said. Has your destination changed any because of these conversations?

Scott said...

Hey durffy,

Not really, though significant things opened up with MUVErs (shhhhhh, top secret) and I'm thinking seriously about the SIG situation in relation to Second Life. More later...