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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kathy Shrock's Guide for Educators

I've been doing some snooping around for resources lately, and I revisited tonight a link at the Discovery Education site to friend Kathy Schrock's resource page. If you knew about it or think you did and haven't visited it for a while, or if you don't know about it, visit now. Her Upcoming Presentations page indicates her current focus is in the area of "Information Overload," something all of us could stand to pay attention to. Her Slide Shows for Teaching page contains dozens of her presentations for your own review and inspiration.

Kathy is truly a maven in her field, having led many of us into it to begin with. Enjoy what she has to share and enjoy it often.

On to the second full week of school!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Huey is Home!

So after 3 hours on Saturday morning at Smartcenter Nashville working with the wonderful Dusty, "Baby Huey" is home and here are some pics to prove it. I'm tickled with the exchange of our clunker for cash and thanks to the federal government for it. A friend came over today and saw it in the driveway and said, "When Barack Obama said 'Cash for Clunkers' that's exactly what he meant."


More later, and I promise not to obsess. In fact, I plan to add any new pics or musings about Huey to this post, so if you have any interest, this is the place. Here's my first addition:

I actually couldn't remember much about the first Baby Huey, and the name first impulse came
to me when I thought of "Huey, Dewey, and Louie," Donald Duck's inexplicably spawned triplets.
That idea morphed into Baby Huey. This morning I
googled that and found
the coolest comic book blog, which has a detailed history of my car's namesake. Here's a pic from that blog! Great Escape here we come!

(Later) NO BH comics at the Great Escape! Online search here we come!

I did find a great bumpersticker and ordered one (well, I did make it, sooooooo)at

Have a great week!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Belated Thank You--Looking Back and Looking Forward

As I prepare a sort of "How I Spent My Professional Development Summer" 2 minute talk for a faculty meeting tomorrow, I notice that I posted this pic earlier, but I didn't post the little video with it. If you are interested in what I do, you need to see both of them together.

Pictured above are the folks in Washington, D.C. who attended a very lightly advertised event at NECC09, a reception for Second Life Volunteers. Every one of these people (and more) participated in some degree, scheduled or not, in making the Second Life Playground at NECC09 a robust and welcoming experience for anyone who happened by. Over the three days from Monday, June 31 through Wednesday, July 2, that place was hoppin', as the video below will demonstrates. There are people in that picture from Australia, New Zealand, and half the states in the Union. My co-facilitator, Lisa Linn, and I brought these folks together by means of social media including Twitter, Facebook, Wikispaces, Google Apps, Plurk, and Second Life. Yes, I'm proud. Folks in the shot and folks who didn't make the event so they could be in the shot: If I didn't thank each and every one of you in person, here's my thank you now. Thank you!

Find more videos like this on SLeducation Videos

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beautiful Boy

To my most beautiful godson, Seamus. I think of you every day, many times a day, wishing you full and speedy recovery. I know this has already been a journey of deepest love for you and your parents. Please hug each one of them for me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why Teens Don't Twitter!

Checking into email this morning, I noted a comment at megablogge Lucy Gray's new ning, "Making IT Personal" and popped over there, checking out some recent posts that took me to a discussion thread started by Gordon Shupe, called "When I say Personal Learning Network you say _____." So I of course had to comment "Second Life and Twitter." Then I saw a link in his original thread post that stated "Interesting article here worthy of discussion: ." This is good, ya'll, as blogger Ben Parr takes on staticstics from a recent Nielsen report that show that only 16 percent of TwitterTwitter users are under 25.

...Twitter is far less about the social graph than it is about the overall conversation surrounding an item. Retweets are about sharing items and @replies are about allowing the public to be part of a conversation you’re having with someone. If you just follow your friends on Twitter, you will barely be using it. A lot of the value comes from following interesting people and celebrities.
I'd say the whole article is worth a read, as it's replete with graphs and insight. READ MORE...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ISTE Speaker Series Event- VSTE-:How We Grew Our Presence in SL

There is a state arm of the International Society for Technology in Education thriving in Virginia. Check out the Second Life event tonight to learn how they nurtured one of the most active educators' groups inworld. It's a neat story. Here's some info from the ISTE Speaker Series event just published:

Once upon a time, four Virginia Beach computer resource specialists, Lisa Alconcel (SL: Jazmemo Zimminy), Marie Booz (SL: Mandie Mimulus), Al Doss, (SL: Alfredo Bedrosian) and Kim Harrison (SL: Thunder Insippo), approached the Virginia Society for Technology in Education’s (VSTE) Chairperson of the Board, Janene Gorham (SL: Janene Jewell) and Executive Director Daniel Arkin (SL: Flying Story), for access to the VSTE building in Second Life. They ended up with an entire island! On the island, VSTE has created a virtual simulation of the Jamestown Settlement and Powhatan Village of 1607 for educators to use as a resource in preparing rich and engaging lessons for their students. Come hear about their journey.Links to helpful files for newbies and groups just beginning a presence in SL will be provided.

This will be a voice presentation; please be sure that you have a working voice setup (including a headset) prior to the event!

This will be a voice event; please be sure that you have a working voice setup [ideally including a headset microphone] prior to arrival!

Location: ISTE Band Shell:

Time: 5PM SLT/ 8PM EDT

Date: Tuesday August 11

Friday, August 07, 2009

Advice about Twitter et al

There are a lot of folks who see social media--facebook, twitter, blogging, plurk, friendfeed, and more--as an opportunity to promote their businesses. I have this advice for them:

Social media is about information. If the information is valuable and interesting it will go viral. If it's transparently commercial and self-serving, it will not. In fact, it may have the opposite effect. I mentioned that in a conversation with my lovely wife and she said, "Write that down. Now."

I did.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

ISTE Eduverse Talks Episode #8 Live at!

Hey, all, our recent appearance as MUVErs on the celebrated ISTE Eduverse Talks live talk show series is now live an accessible at the ISTE Eduverse Talks website.

I hope you'll take an hour or so to give it a watch. It's also pretty nice as an audio file, so if you have a long commute that may be the way to do it. Host Kevin Jarrett did a fantastic job of delivering probing questions about MUVErs' development of intricate but finely tuned virtual simulations for teaching and learning, and partners Cathy Walker and John Miller were stellar in their own thoughtful responses. Watching the program has convinced me I didn't do a half-bad job of responding, though it's obvious I strayed from my script a bit :)

Go watch!

Monday, August 03, 2009


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