Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Belated Thank You--Looking Back and Looking Forward

As I prepare a sort of "How I Spent My Professional Development Summer" 2 minute talk for a faculty meeting tomorrow, I notice that I posted this pic earlier, but I didn't post the little video with it. If you are interested in what I do, you need to see both of them together.

Pictured above are the folks in Washington, D.C. who attended a very lightly advertised event at NECC09, a reception for Second Life Volunteers. Every one of these people (and more) participated in some degree, scheduled or not, in making the Second Life Playground at NECC09 a robust and welcoming experience for anyone who happened by. Over the three days from Monday, June 31 through Wednesday, July 2, that place was hoppin', as the video below will demonstrates. There are people in that picture from Australia, New Zealand, and half the states in the Union. My co-facilitator, Lisa Linn, and I brought these folks together by means of social media including Twitter, Facebook, Wikispaces, Google Apps, Plurk, and Second Life. Yes, I'm proud. Folks in the shot and folks who didn't make the event so they could be in the shot: If I didn't thank each and every one of you in person, here's my thank you now. Thank you!

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