Saturday, August 22, 2009

Huey is Home!

So after 3 hours on Saturday morning at Smartcenter Nashville working with the wonderful Dusty, "Baby Huey" is home and here are some pics to prove it. I'm tickled with the exchange of our clunker for cash and thanks to the federal government for it. A friend came over today and saw it in the driveway and said, "When Barack Obama said 'Cash for Clunkers' that's exactly what he meant."


More later, and I promise not to obsess. In fact, I plan to add any new pics or musings about Huey to this post, so if you have any interest, this is the place. Here's my first addition:

I actually couldn't remember much about the first Baby Huey, and the name first impulse came
to me when I thought of "Huey, Dewey, and Louie," Donald Duck's inexplicably spawned triplets.
That idea morphed into Baby Huey. This morning I
googled that and found
the coolest comic book blog, which has a detailed history of my car's namesake. Here's a pic from that blog! Great Escape here we come!

(Later) NO BH comics at the Great Escape! Online search here we come!

I did find a great bumpersticker and ordered one (well, I did make it, sooooooo)at

Have a great week!

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ecornwall said...

Well, being a bit older than you, I knew exactly who Baby Huey was and laughed at your choice of name for the little car. I remember watching Baby Huey cartoons as a little girl in the 50's. Gawd, I don't like writing that! LOL